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Dry throat got you down? I know that I often feel dry after a long car ride or flight to an audition or lesson. And during rehearsals or shows, no matter how much water I chug all day, I still feel dry. My teacher suggested I try a nebulizer, and so I tried out several, from Amazon this VocalMist, the nebulizer for singers.

At around 100 dollars, it is the most expensive nebulizer I gave tried, but it also has the best battery life, fit for my face, and finest mist. Other nebulizers make vapor, but also have a tendency to spray droplets, or "spit".

Singers in my studio with allergies swear by the relief this gadget provides to their voices. I can attest to how much more hydrated I feel when I use this. If you have a serious gig coming up or college auditions are around the corner, you might invest in this tool!

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