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MJL Voice Studio Winter 2024 Recital

MJL Voice Studio “Dress Recital”

Trinity Episcopal Church

3:30 pm January 6th, 2024

Mesa Schubeck, pianist

Due to snow, our dress rehearsal at Trinity Episcopal Church became our recital!

Caroline Hester- “Times Are Hard for Dreamers”- Amélie

Toby Fidalgo- “If Ever I Would Leave You”- Camelot

Calla Burman- “Crayon Girl”- Out of My Head

Crow Lowry- “Labyrinth” – The Grinning Man

Haley Doan- “I Have Confidence”- Sound of Music

Aubrey Favreau- “When He Sees Me” – Waitress

Vagni Das- “Astonishing”- Little Women

Sofia Iglesias – “When I Look At You”- The Scarlett Pimpernel


Andrea Handel- “Memory”- Cats

Tom Handel- “Granada” – Agustin Lara

Meredith Schoenherr- “Rise Up”- Andra Day

Eli Hersey-Powers- “A Horse With Wings”- Ricky Ian Gordon

Danielle Robichaud- “Heart of Stone”- Six: The Musical

Alison Loughlin- “Not While I’m Around”- Sweeney Todd

Brian Cullen- “Dies Bildnis ist bezaubernd schön”- Die Zauberflöte

Eric Kelley and Sarah Rinaldi (Guest)- “Past the Point of No Return” – The Phantom of the Opera

Jackie Stowell- “Sukiyaki”- Kyu Sakamoto

Brian Cullen and Danielle Robichaud- “The Prayer”- Quest for Camelot

Brian Harris- “Streets of Dublin”- A Man of No Importance

Jeff McNally- “Mama Says”- Footloose



Granada, land of my dreams,

mine becomes a gypsy song

when I sing to you.

My song, born of fancy;

my song, melancholy flower,

that I've come to offer you.

Granada, land covered in blood

from the bullfighting afternoons,

woman who retains the spell

of Moorish eyes.

A dream-land, a rebel, a gypsy,

covered with flowers,

and I kiss your scarlet mouth,

juicy apple

that tells me about love affairs.

Granada, my beautiful, sung

in precious coplas,

I have nothing else to give you

but a bouquet of roses

worthy of adorning the brown-skinned Virgin.

Granada, your soil is full

of beautiful woman, blood and sunshine.

Sebben, crudele

Although, cruel love,

you make me languish,

I will always

love you true.

With the patience

of my serving

I will be able to tire out

your pride.

Dies Bildnis ist bezaubernd schön

This portrait of magical beauty,

Like never an eye seen before

I can feel, how this godlike effigy

Fills my heart with new motion.

This certain something I can't really name

Yet I can feel it burn like a fire

Should this sensation be love ?

Yes, none but love it must be..

O if I could but find her

O wish that she already stood in front of me

I'd be so pure and warm.

What would I do ?

I would with great delight

Press her against my bosom

And she'd be mine forevermore.


I look up as I walk

So the tear won’t fall

Remembering those spring days

But I am all alone tonight

I look up as I walk

Counting the stars with tearful eyes

Remembering those summer days

But I am all alone tonight

Happiness lies up above the clouds

Happiness lies up in the sky

I look up as I walk

So that the tears won’t fall

Though the tears well up as I walk

For tonight I am all along

Remembering those autumn days

But I am all alone tonight

Sadness lies in the shadow of the stars

Sadness lurks in the shadow of the moon

I look up as I walk

So that the tears won’t fall

Though the tears well up as I walk

But I am all alone tonight.

But I am all alone tonight.

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