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The Workhorse USB Mic

Are you looking for a workhorse of a USB mic that you can use with your tablet, computer and phone that looks beautiful, is strudily built and takes a beating, all for under $200 bucks? Well, look no further than the Shure MV 51.

Shure makes gorgeous microphones- I have a the KSM32 XLR mics which run at around $650. However, to use those with your computer, you will need something like the Shure MVi (another $150) or the Scarlett Focusrite (around $200). If you want crisp clean sounds from a company whose product has rave reviews from me and many others, you might look into the Shure MV 51.

Its construction is solid metal and it comes with a USB, USB-C and Lightning cables. It has several different modes for recording; I always choose music mode rather than speech. It has gain adjustment directly on the mic, a mute button, and you can plug headphones in directly to monitor your sound. With proper gain adjustment and mic, I have successfully recorded both my loudest and highest notes without distortion.

At $150, this mic is the best on the market and my top choice for price, quality of recordings and ease of use. Grab one for yourself here!

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