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Summer 2023 Voice Recital

MJL Voice Studio

Biddeford City Theater

5:30 pm June 4th, 2023

Mesa Schubeck, pianist

Act One

Addie Burman- “Steps of the Palace”- Into the Woods

Toby Fidalgo- “Santa Fe”- Newsies!

Calla Burman- “See, I’m Smiling”- The Last Five Years

Meredith Schoenherr- “Burn”- Hamilton

Henry Haile- “Some Enchanted Evening”- South Pacific

Crow Lowry- “Epiphany” – Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Vagni Das- “The Glamorous Life”- A Little Night Music

Aubrey Favreau- “Til There Was You” – The Music Man

Sofia Iglesias – “I Dreamed a Dream”- Les Misérables

Caroline Hester and Jeff McNally-“Don’t Do Sadness/ Blue Wind”- Spring Awakening


Act Two

Emily Greene- “Les Roses d’Ispahan” – Fauré

Amelia Connor-McCoy- “Home”- Beauty and the Beast

Danielle Robichaud- “Piangerò, la sorte mia”- Giulio Cesare

Kim Allen- “Ave Maria”- Schubert

Brian Cullen- “Che gelida manina”- La Bohème

Jess Labbe- “What Will They Think”- Clarice Assad

Alison Loughlin- “There’s a World Out There”- Little Women

Anna Faherty- “You’ll Be Back” – Hamilton

Eric Kelley- “Put on a Happy Face” – Bye Bye, Birdie

Jackie Stowell- “When I Look at You”-The Scarlett Pimpernel

Eli Hersey-Powers- “Will There Really Be a Morning?”- Lori Laitman

Brian Harris- “She Loves Me”- She Loves Me

Caleb Lacy- “Confrontation”- Jekyll & Hyde


Les Roses d’Ispahan

The roses of Isfahan in their mossy sheaths,

The jasmines of Mosul, the orange blossom

Have a fragrance less fresh and a scent less sweet,

O pale Leilah, than your soft breath!

Your lips are of coral and your light laughter

Rings brighter and sweeter than running water,

Than the blithe wind rocking the orange-tree boughs,

Than the singing bird by its mossy nest …

O Leilah, ever since on light wings

All kisses have flown from your sweet lips,

The pale orange-tree fragrance is spent,

And the heavenly scent of moss-clad roses …

Oh! may your young love, that airy butterfly,

Wing swiftly and gently to my heart once more,

To scent again the orange blossom,

The roses of Isfahan in their mossy sheaths!

“Piangerò, la sorte mia”- Giulio Cesare


So it is that in one day I lose

both splendor and grandeur? Ah cruel fate!

Caesar, my beautiful god, may be dead;

Cornelia and Sesto are powerless and

do not know how to help me. O god!

No hope remains in my life.


I shall weep over my cruel fate

so long as there remains

life in my breast.

But once I have perished,

I shall become a ghost and torment that tyrant

from all directions, day and night.

“Ave Maria”- Schubert

Hail Mary, full of grace, Mary, full of grace, Mary, full of grace, Hail, Hail, the Lord. The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed, Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Thy womb, Jesus. Hail Mary!

Hail Mary, Mother of God, Pray for us sinners, Pray, pray for us; Pray, pray for us sinners, Now and at the hour of our death, The hour of our death The hour of our death, The hour of our death Hail Mary.

“Che gelida manina”- La Bohème

What a frozen little hand,

let me warm it for you. What's the use of looking? We won't find it in the dark. But luckily it's a moonlit night, and the moon is near us here. Wait, mademoiselle, I will tell you in two words, who I am, what I do, and how I live. May I? Who am I? I am a poet. What do I do? I write. And how do I live? I live. In my carefree poverty I squander rhymes and love songs like a lord. When it comes to dreams and visions and castles in the air, I've the soul of a millionaire. From time to time two thieves steal all the jewels out of my safe, two pretty eyes. They came in with you just now, and my customary dreams my lovely dreams, melted at once into thin air! Bu the theft doesn't anger me, for their place has been taken by hope! Now that you know all about me, you tell me who you are. Please do!

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