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Straws Continued

Is there a straw out there worth a $40 price tag?

I think there are two!

Pictured above is the Sing Ring, by Oovo. This one is highly portable and very stylish. It has a very compact shape, using holes to change the "diameter" of the straw (increase resistance and reflect more air back to the folds, further redistributing pressure and allowing for easier vocal fold vibration and regulation of air pressure from the lungs). The downside is the price and also the inability to use this to sing into water- it's not long enough and it has holes.

Up next, the Singing Straw. It's not as compact- it comes with three straws, a cleaning tool, a bamboo case and a bag. Perhaps not as stylish as the Sing Ring, either- a little more utilitarian. However, you can still change the diaper of the straw by using more than one at once, it's easier to clean, and you can use this singing straw to sing into water. It still is pricey at $40.

So what is my bottom line? If you are looking for the "next level" of singing straw, my go to would be the Singing Straw. Easier to clean, still can sing into water, and even one straw by itself is not impossible to sing through. If you do not care about singing into water and want something that almost looks like jewelry and is super travel friendly, I would go for the Sing Ring. And if you just love singing tools and straws in general, treat yourself to both and compare!

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