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Next up in MJL Reviews I focus on the utility of straws in the voice studio.

Most importantly, I suggest a reusable straw. Disposable straws are terrible for the environment and will crack and break. Do yourself a favor and invest in a plastic or metal straws.

So, why straws? Straws assist with Semi- Occluded Vocal Tract exercises. The vocal tract, pictured below, gets slightly closed. The mouth wraps around the straw and the size of the vocal tract's opening is decreased (semi-occluded).

Because of this, the pressure on the vocal folds is changed. Now we have pressure from the breathe coming from the lungs and pressure reflected back from the mouth. As a result, the vocal folds vibrate with less pressure and more ease. It can help you to relieve tension and promote discovery of proper breath pressure.

I love SOVT exercises, and your everyday straw is generally a great tool for a beginner singer. Stay tuned next week for the review of the Sing Ring and Singing Straw to see if a specialized singing straw is right for you (and worth the money)!

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