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Posture Corrector

Do you struggle to not slump when you stand? Do you find that your breath is compromised as a result? Maybe you want to try out a posture corrector gadget.

At around $15 and small enough to throw into your practice bag, this posture corrector gadget is definitely worth a try. I think we all spend far too much time on the computer (I say, as I am writing this on my computer and hoping that you, dear reader, will be reading it on your phone, tablet or computer...) and, as a result, we all hunch over. We sag, we slump.

Bad news for singing. We want our ribcage to be free and easily expanded, something that good, aligned posture does best. As a result, our breathing is easily managed. Without it, our breathing suffers. Goodbye, long lines and high notes.

Try out this posture corrector. It is easy to use, adjust, wash and transport. It prevents the dreaded slump with loops that wrap around each shoulder supported by a back brace. It is comfortable and makes spending a lot of time on the computer less likely to devolve into misalignment. I use it on long teaching days and difficult practice sessions to train my body to have good alignment. Try it today!

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