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Morrison Bone Prop

Do you struggle with easy and intelligible diction? You might want to check out the Morrison Bone Prop.

It is sold from the UK and costs 12.50 pounds- plus shipping. In US dollars, it ran me a little under $20. It is really small, so highly portable, and comes in a lot of fun colors, which appeals to the shopper in me. But what does it do and is it worth it?

You put the Morrison Bone Prop between your front teeth. It helps to release tight and squeezed articulation, motivates the tongue to increase mobility to create clean consonants, and increases the space between the teeth which can aid in better resonance and projection. Since it fits neatly between your front teeth, you can still use your lips as normal, which you cannot do with a cork or your thumb.

I have used it successfully for myself in singing and preparing for public speaking. I have recommended it to students that also have found success with the tool. I really must give it 2 solid thumbs up!

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