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MJL Voice Studio Student Spotlight: Vagni Das

Vagni Das has always had a love of performing, even when she was the ripe old age of 3 years old, giving the tour bus a remix of “wheels on the bus”. Currently though, she is a Freshman in Yarmouth High School, and in recent history, she has played roles such as Miss Medda in her theatre camp's production of Newsies, and an ensemble member in the Yarmouth High School production of The Wizard of Oz. She also competed in NATS, and Yarmouth’s Got Talent. She’s very passionate about singing and theatre, and hopes for more opportunities to rise and for it to be in her future. She believes there’s no better feeling than sharing a piece of yourself across souls, after all. Along with voice, she also plays flute, and when she’s not doing something musical, she can be found reading, debating, doing robotics, over-analyzing various forms of media and more! She’s been studying with Mary for almost four years, and is excited to see where she’ll go next!

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