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MJL Voice Studio Student Spotlight: Eric Kelley

“Greetings, my name is Eric Kelley, I am a local actor/singer/comedian from the greater Portland area. I come from a background of mu with theater/performance. I have a great love, passion and dedication for the theater, musical theater, and the arts. I started my acting career good I was in six grade. I have since then been in many productions, and have had many roles throughout my life. Right now I am currently performing in the Wizard of Oz up in Brunswick. The midcoast area is the cowardly lion. This is my very first lead role I have ever taken on. It has definitely been a challenge and an amazing opportunity and very exciting opportunity as well. This is also my second Wizard of Oz within a year span. The last Wizard of Oz, so I was in I played. Uncle Henry and Nick are flying monkey at School House art center at Sebago Lake in July 2022. My other recent shows that I have taken part of was a zoom production during the midst of Covid called love is a Cabaret put on by Royal River community players in Yarmouth Maine. Directed by Kathrine Slack. That show I played the store keeper, as well as a narrator. Other performances, I am taking I have also been a part of Portland Players in South Portland is an usher for many many years. I do hope one day I can eventually perform on the Portland player stage, as I have already tried out for numerous shows in the past. well, that’s enough about me now on with the show!! Haha! I hope you can definitely come see me as the cowardly lion in the MGM classic Wizard of Oz musical. I look forward to taking part in many more productions in the near future. Yours truly the cowardly lion!

Put ‘em up!! Put ‘em up!!!

Show dates are as follows

Thursday May 4th, 7pm

Friday May 5th, 7pm

Saturday May 6th, 2pm & 7pm

Sunday May 7th, 2pm”

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