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MJL Voice Studio 2022 Summer Recital

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Please enjoy these recordings of Act One and Two of MJL Voice Studio 2022 Summer Recital. It was such a joy to resume in-person recital! I was blown away by my talented studio members, some singing on-stage for the first time since the pandemic, first time in decades, or for the first time ever! Enjoy!

Program and Translations:

MJL Voice Studio Biddeford City Theater 6:30 pm June 9th, 2022 Mesa Schubeck, pianist

Act One

Caroline Hester- “Disneyland”- Smile Lily Kew- “Surface Pressure”- Encanto Toby Fidalgo- “You'll Be Back”- Hamilton Calla Burman- “Ring of Keys”- Fun House Addie Burman- “Gorgeous”- The Apple Tree Vagni Das- “This Place is Mine”- Phantom Olivia Childs- “Far From The Home I Love”- Fiddler on the Roof Addie and Calla- “What is this Feeling”- Wicked Henry Haile- “All I Care About Is Love”- Chicago Crow Lowry- “Flowers”- Hadestown Mia Cyr- “When He Sees Me”- Waitress Bella Farnsworth- “I’m the Greatest Star”- Funny Girl Haley Doan- “Home”- Beauty and the Beast Emily Lemont- “Better”- Little Women Maren Found- “They Just Keep Moving the Line”- Smash Krystal Shumate- “Requiem”- Dear Evan Hansen


Act Two

Emily Greene- “Hai luli”- Coquard Miranda Cohen- “In Waldeseinsamkeit”- Brahms Amelia Connor-McCoy- “Il fervido desiderio” - Bellini Maddie Darigan- “Una donna a quindici anni”- Cosí fan tutte- Mozart Rachel Grindle- “Ach, ich fühl’s”- Die Zauberflöte-Mozart Peeper Hersey-Powers- “Solitaire”- Rossa Crean Melanie Crawford- “Caro mio ben” Giuseppe Giordani Kimberly Allen- “Nachtviolen”- Schubert Andrea Handel- “En priêre”- Fauré Danielle Robichaud- “Amor”- William Bolcom Alison Loughlin- “Dyin' Ain't So Bad”- Bonnie and Clyde Marlena Lantos- “Perfect” Tom Kitt Eric Kelley- “If I Can’t Love Her”- Beauty and the Beast Meredith Schoenherr- “Waiting on a Miracle”- Encanto Anna Faherty- “Poor Unfortunate Souls”- Little Mermaid Jackie Stowell- “I Have Dreamed”- The King and I Tom Handel- “Dulcinea”- The Man of La Mancha Jess Labbe- “Heart of Stone”- Six Brian Harris- “Morticia”- The Addams Family Jeff McNally- “My Unfortunate Erection”- 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Caleb Lacy- “Heaven on their Minds”- Jesus Christ Superstar


“Hai luli”- Coquard

I am sad, I am troubled, I no longer know what will happen! My lover ought to come, And I await him here alone. Hai luli [untranslatable: a sad "tra la"] Ah! how said it is without my love.

Alas, I languish in waiting, And the ingrate enjoys himself far from me! Perhaps he betrays his oath to me Beside a new lover. Hai luli! Could I have lost my love?

Ah! if it is true; if it is true that he is faithless, If one day he should abandon me, The only thing is for the village to burn And myself with the village. Hai luli! What use is it to live without my love?

“In Waldeseinsamkeit”- Brahms

I sat at your feet In the loneliness of the forest; The breath of the wind, like longing, Went through the broad treetops.

In mute struggle I sank my head into your lap, And my shaking hands I clasped about your knees.

The sun set, The day lost its glow, Far, far, far away Sang a single nightingale.

“Il fervido desiderio” - Bellini

When will that day come when I may see again that which the loving heart so desires?

When will that day come when I welcome you to my bosom, beautiful flame of love, my own soul?

“Una donna a quindici anni”- Cosí fan tutte- Mozart

A woman of 15 years Must know all the good methods, Where the devil keeps his tail, What's good and what's bad. She must know the little malices That enamour lovers: To feign laughter, to feign tears, And invent good reasons.

She must pay attention to a hundred at a time Speak through her eyes with a thousand Give hope to all, be they handsome or ugly, Know how to obfuscate without getting confused And know how to lie without blushing. And this queen from her high throne Can make them obey with, "I can," and "I want." (It seems they like this doctrine, Long live Despina, who knows how to serve!)

“Ach, ich fühl’s”- Die Zauberflöte-Mozart

Ah, I feel it, it has disappeared Forever gone love¹s happiness! Nevermore will come the hour of bliss Back to my heart! See, Tamino, these tears, Flowing, beloved, for you alone! If you don't feel the longing of love Then there will be peace in death!

“Caro mio ben” Giuseppe Giordani

My dear beloved, believe me at least, without you my heart languishes.

Your faithful one always sighs; cease, cruel one, so much punishment!

“Nachtviolen”- Schubert

Dame’s violets, dark, soulful eyes, it is blissful to immerse myself in your velvety blue. Green leaves strive joyously to brighten you, to adorn you; but you gaze, solemn and silent, into the mild spring air. With sublime shafts of melancholy you have pierced my faithful heart, and now, in silent nights, our sacred union blossoms.

“En priêre”- Fauré

If the voice of a child can reach You, O my Father, Listen to the prayer of Jesus, on his knees before You!

If You have chosen me to teach your laws on earth, I will know how to serve You, noble King of kings, O Light! On my lips, Lord, place the salutary truth, In order that he who doubts should with humility revere You! Do not abandon me, give me the necessary gentleness, To ease suffering, to relieve sorrow, the misery! Reveal Yourself to me, Lord, in whom I believe and hope: For You I wish to suffer and to die on the cross, at Calvary!

Please be aware that there is a technical malfunction in Act One that affected Henry, Crow, Mia and Bella's performances; the footage cuts off during Henry's dazzling number, misses Crow's gorgeous performance, Mia's star-making singing, and resumes during Bella's show-stopper . I have reached out to them individually to work to find a solution to the issue. I am hoping to get alternate recordings of their performances to share.

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