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MJL Student Spotlight: Danielle Robichaud

Danielle has been studying with Mary since 2019 and has loved studying musical theater and opera. Danielle has been into music since a very young age and played the flute for 9 years, and later went on to play the piccolo and clarinet; she received several awards for her skills and passion for music. Danielle has performed in many plays and musicals in Maine and her native NH and started acting in 2003. Since then, her favorite roles have been Florika in Hunchback of Notre Dame, Charlotte in Elf and Apple Tree #3 in Wizard of Oz. She sang in The Complete Voice Workshop in August 2022 and will be competing in the NATS next month. This December, Danielle will be performing in Scrooge the Musical, and putting on a Cabaret with her friend Alison Loughlin in January 2023 at Ground Floor in Freeport. Her favorite part about performing with her friends is being able to choose materials that are fun, challenging and unexpected. When she isn’t on stage Danielle likes to work on various art projects and post them to her Instagram @danielle_robichaud_fanstasy_art.

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