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Nose Plugs

Welcome to my blog! My name is Mary Johnston Letellier and, in addition to being a voice teacher and performer, I am a collector of all kinds of gadgets. Rather than let my myriad collection of gizmos collect dust, I thought it only right to review them for you and let you know if the tool I purchased is worth your hard-earned money.

Today, I am reviewing the nose plug. What use does a nose plug have in your practice room? It helps to reduce nasality in your tone by stopping air from flowing through your nose. Once you get used to that sensation and sound, you can train your soft palate to lift and close your nasopharyngeal port, which has the same result.

I have tried two different styles: the swimmer's nose plug and the medical nose plug. The largest difference between the two is comfort. I find the medical nose plug, with its cushioning, is much more comfortable that the tight-fitted and water proof plastic of the swimmer's nose plug.

The free alternative of course is plugging your nose with your hand. However, your hand can obstruct your view and could throw your posture out of alignment. Plus, sometimes it's just plain fun to have a uni-tasker on hand. Since the medical nose plug is very inexpensive, does exactly what I need it to do and does it well, I have to recommend it! Click here to check it out!

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