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Classical Maine NATS

Huge Congratulations to my students!

Caroline Hester earned second place; this is her first time singing classically!

Madeline Darigan not only got third place and the Chickering Award for NATS, but is also attending the Schmidt Vocal Institute and Tanglewood Festival this summer, before attending my alma mater, Boston Conservatory, and studying with my teacher and mentor, Dr. Rebecca Folsom!

Michael Mitchell earned third in Division 4; I am so proud of his vocal journey and his exploration of his new tenor-dom.

Oliver Scott earned second in Division 4; he teaches me new things every day and I am so thankful for his spirit and talent.

Eli Hersey-Powers took some signifiant time off from singing and I encouraged them to throw their hat in the ring for the comments- and look- they earned second place! They rock!

Congrats also to all my singers who auditioned for this festival and invested time and energy into their talents, including Emily Greene, Sarah Larson, Ocean Robbins, Jack Dodd, and Miranda Cohen.

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