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Bluetooth Speaker- Oontz

I miss singing with live pianists. I have been fortunate enough during this pandemic to be able to sing time again with live pianists (outside, large, well ventilated halls post vaccine, etc) but the bulk of my singing is still with pre-recorded tracks. To play the,, I like to use a Bluetooth speaker called Oontz Angle 3, found here for $40.

It's a waterproof and fairly indestructible speaker, and has 14 watts of power which allows me to still hear the music even as I sing away. It has great battery life and I love that I can position it in different places relative to my microphone to adjust the sound balance between my voice and the accompaniment.

I also use this speaker when my vaccinated students come in person for lessons and the accompaniment they need me to play is beyond my piano skills. It's wonderfully portable; sometimes we have lessons outside by the pond and delight the neighbors up the street with wonderful singing.

Highly recommend!

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