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MJL Warm Ups- Gli/Gri

Hello again! Welcome back to my MJL Warm Ups series, where I teach you one of my tried and true warm ups for your own singing or teaching use.

Today it's all about "gri" or "gli", depending on your ability to roll r's. You may substitute an "l" for the "r" if you cannot roll your "r's", as the "l" requires the use of the tip of the tongue and will help that section or your tongue free as well. If no"r" rolling exercises are helping you achieve a rolled "r", however, you want to investigate whether or not you have a tongue tie. This, however, is a subject for another video.

The purpose of this exercise is to release the back and front of your tongue and master the "i" vowel, which requires the middle of you tongue to make connection with the sides of your upper molars. It's an excellent exercise after a series of SOVTEs to get started. Enjoy!

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